I went to Edel for treatment as I had chronic arthritic pain in my ankle following an accident. 
Following treatment, I was able to move about with considerably less pain – her treatment was very effective and helpful. In the interests of full disclosure, Edel is a friend of mine but I had not had acupuncture before and to be honest, was a bit skeptical. However, her compassionate approach and professionalism really helped me and I would absolutely recommend her.

Sinead, April 2018

I went to Edel in 2016 for about 12 sessions for various health reasons. I found it really helped me tune into my body and learn to relax. The benefits I felt were immense I went from being quite stressed to becoming much more relaxed overall. I really looked forward to my weekly sessions and found Edel at all times professional and very warm. I couldn’t recommend acupuncture works more.

Aoife, March 2018

Hi Edel. Beautiful baby Fia was born early on Thursday morning. I had to be admitted on Tuesday as she had moved to oblique position & was booked in for a section. She moved back to head down so they gave me a day to see if I went spontaneously.  Did lots of acupressure which I think helped especially point on leg and she arrived after an intervention free birth. Thanks for you help. 

Sarah, February 2018

I had ongoing problems with my sinuses/post nasal drip for several years and after yet another round of antibiotics, I decided to try something different and go for acupuncture, which I had never done before. After 9 treatments of acupuncture and moxibustion with Edel and some advice on my diet, my sinuses improved significantly. I now go for an ongoing monthly maintenance appointment to keep it under control.

Dave , October 2017

I started to visit Edel a year ago after experiencing three successive miscarriages. She advised a programme of treatment that entailed a three months break from ‘TTC’, attend her twice monthly / monthly treatments, and take a course of prescribed herbs. I found the sessions at the time to be really relaxing, helped with my energy levels and overall well-being. Edel was really attentive to every detail of my health from visit to visit and tailored each session accordingly. Within a couple of months of completion I was pregnant again and I am coming to the end of a very healthy pregnancy. I would be happy to recommend Edel to anyone with similar issues.

Mags, September 2017

Edel is so lovely would 100% recommend her!!            Sorcha, September 2017

It took me a really along time to finally get few acupuncture sessions done, because of my severe fear of needles. But I must say Edel is absolutely brilliant. She made me extremely relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole process. The main reason to book was my hay fever. I must have tried everything but n0thing really worked! Only after 3 sessions I felt the difference. The pollen was no longer an issue. Thanks a mill Edel, I will be back for more treatments and what can I say AcupunctureWorks!!!!

Selina, August 2017

Excellent service, very comfortable surroundings, very relaxing experience with Edel.                    Ellen, August 2017

Hi Edel, I got a positive pregnancy test this morning. Thank you so much for everything you have done over the last couple of weeks. You were there for my vital dates.  You are great at what you do. 

Rose, August 2017

I visited Edel 6 times for acupuncture treatment for general stomach discomfort and to support conception and really started to look forward to my visits. She always listened to my ailments and also to what I felt was working well. At a basic level, I always felt good after a treatment and slept well that night! Other improvements would take longer to take effect but I noticed them bit by bit. I conceived very soon after my third visit with Edel and as the pregnancy continues, I plan to continue seeing Edel to help maintain the improved status I feel I have reached. 

RK, Walkinstown, April 2017

Hi Edel, 

Thank you so much for helping me and my husband conceive. After almost a year of trying for baby no 2 we were starting to think something was wrong! However we conceived on the first go after trying acupuncture for a few weeks. I feel that the acupuncture and your positive, friendly attitude attributed to us achieving a pregnancy.
We are thrilled with the results and I look forward to the acupuncture helping me through the pregnancy.
Thank you so much.           

Katie, February 2017

I used to be terrified of needless. Thanks to Edel’s patience and calm, I now look forward to each session. Highly recommended.

Asia, April 2016

I would highly recommend this Acupuncturist Edel, I am currently attending Edel for different health issues that I have been feeling very unwell with for about a year now. I have had a serious illness 3yrs ago which has created other things that has been going on for me. I have to say things have really improved since I have started treatment with Edel. She is such a lovely person and great at what she does. For me for someone to listen and hear me for what I have going on and to help things change for me has been great, I never expected acupuncture could work so well but it really has, thank you Edel.

 Belinda, April 2016

I found the treatment provided to be extremely thorough and professional. It aided my recovery to my back problem  and I would highly recommend Edel to anyone considering acupuncture treatment.  

Tim, February 2016

I originally went for a once-off acupuncture treatment for a knee issue. After the initial consultation and treatment with Edel, and the great feeling the session left me with, I decided to look at some other health problems I had been experiencing for a while.

I’ve always had an irregular menstrual cycle, since I was a kid. After just one acupuncture session with Edel, my cycle started to come more regularly. I also experienced great benefits to my digestive system: I would normally feel bloated very often after meals, the treatments helped reducing the uncomfortable feeling and I felt I was able to eat a wider variety of foods without issues. Apart from the physical benefits, each acupuncture session, which included moxibustion and cupping too, left me with a focused, calm and centered feeling.

Edel is very professional, helpful and passionate about what she does. I would recommend her to everyone!

Anita, January 2016

Love this place! So calm and relaxing from the moment you enter. Edel Reilly is so professional and to be honest I didn’t really have much faith in acupuncture until I received treatments from her. It worked wonders and would highly recommend to others considering acupuncture for any health problems they may have that won’t budge.

Caoimhe, January 2016